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Can’t stop, won’t stop: Protesters in Ferguson rally again, seeking justice for Mike Brown. More than a month and a half after his death, his killer, Darren Wilson, is still a free man. (Pt 2) 

Because it wouldn’t be a protest in Ferguson without fuckery from the police. A driver plowed his car through protesters, grazing several and running over a young boys foot. Beyond taking several hours to transport the boy to the hospital, they took even longer to arrest the motorist. Who did they not wait long to arrest? Two of the protesters who had been documenting the altercation for the world to see. If you’re not angry, you’re not paying attention. #staywoke #farfromover #nojusticenopeace







Marriage made in heaven? Or not. WhiteWave foods—makers of Silk-branded products—purchased So Delicious Dairy Free this week for $125 million. Story here.

WhiteWave owns Horizon (dairy) and Land O’ Lakes, so that sucks. I’ve always avoided Silk for this reason. They own Earthbound Organics as well.

are you fucking kidding me

Will someone explain to me why this is a bad thing? I’m really wondering

It’s bad because now vegans will have to contribute to animal exploitation when purchasing a vegan product sold by a dairy producer.


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